Petrosoft is a place where talented, energetic and creative create the legend.

Life in Petrosoft — a kaleidoscope of events, emotions and experiences associated into one. Our advantage is in diversity, a sincere love for the work and constant self-improvement. We want to see in their ranks the same crazed result. Join us!

In Petrosoft commitment to innovation is combined with streamlined processes, fun to work with strict requirements to its quality, and the informal atmosphere with a high level of professionalism.

Главный офис компании Petrosoft находится в городе Питтсбург, штат Пенсильвания, США. Компания также поддерживает глобальную сеть технических ресурсов развития и поддержки, которые направлены на постоянное усовершенствование продуктов и услуг компании Petrosoft.

In February 2016 Petrosoft opened project office In Odessa, Ukraine. The necessity of test and monitoring equipment arrangement and application engineering for peripheral units of POS Solutions for Merchandise served as the main Goal. Company had successful remote work practice only before that. Due to the fact of the fast pace of growth and development of the company, there was a decision taken to expansion in the number of workplaces and the Office moved to a more roomier and serving the purpose place. Currently the operating platform Petrosoft Odessa occupies 300 sq m. The Technical Support department in full force, QA department and testing laboratory, Business Analysis Managers, System Engineers and Software engineers of POS Solutions for Merchandise are located in the office.

Our values

Hard work

The ability to prioritize

The ability to achieve results

The feeling of inner freedom

Awareness of personal effectiveness

Love your work and be able to get involved in it

About the company

Founded in 2002, Petrosoft has become a national leader in Internet business solutions for the retail petroleum industry.

Our employees ensure that our technological advances will continue in the automation c-store and control distribution of the fuel without sacrificing reliability and security, allowing to operate on demand.

Our customers understand why we are the trusted leader in the field of technology, with first class global support. Petrosoft provides the best development services and support available in the industry.

We are open for collaboration with flight and creative professionals. If you are interested in cooperation with the leading company in its sphere, join our team and you’ll enjoy fast-paced organizational culture working with talented colleagues, create products and services of future. Be at liberty of your working range as collaboration with us is possible in any part of the world.

What we offer

Work in modern American IT company under the contract

Remote work

Paid vacation

Flexible system of compensation and bonuses

Competitive salary in USD to the account owner

Training courses and certification at company expense


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