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Petrosoft is seeking a Data Architect to work closely with our software and application development teams to recommend database structures based on the data storage and retrieval needs within each department. The Data Architect will be responsible for constantly monitoring our database and immediately addressing database issues and problems. The successful candidate will also submit reports to management that outline the changing data needs of the company and come up with related solutions. The candidate will analyze and model data requirements, application and processing architectures, data dictionaries, and database schema(s), and then design, develop, amend, optimize, and certify database schema design to meet system(s) requirements.

Pittsburgh, PA

Data Architect


Provide insight into the changing database storage and utilization requirements for the company and offer suggestions for solutions.
Analyze database implementation methods to make sure they are in line with company policies and any external regulations that may apply.
Create data monitoring models for each product and work with our marketing team to create models ahead of new releases.
Develop database design and architecture documentation for the management and executive teams.
Help maintain the integrity and security of the company database.

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering or related field required (Master’s degree preferred)
5+ years’ experience in a data analysis or management role
Object oriented languages
Experience with Informix, MongoDB
SQL Development Experience – Ability to design, write, tune, and troubleshoot SQL solutions (Stored procedures, functions, tables, views, triggers, indexes, constraints, synonyms, linked servers, templates/snippets, SSIS packages, SSRS reports, etc.)
Strong knowledge and experience in archival backup and restore/recovery methods –Snapshots, Full, Differential, Log, File Groups, Partitioning, System, etc.
Strong knowledge and experience in implementing/supporting High Availability/Disaster Recovery models (Clustering, Log Shipping, Replication, Mirroring and Availability Groups, etc.)
Oracle is a plus
Ability to monitor, detect, and troubleshoot SQL Server related resource contention issues including CPU and memory utilization, I/O and disk space utilization, deadlocks, tempDB utilization, etc.
Good analysis skill
Strong communication skills proven through past experience
Attention to detail; accuracy is a must


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